Exhibition visit – Made in the Middle

Made in the Middle

Contemporary craft from across the Midlands

Made in the Middle is an exhibition originated by our friends at Craftspace. The work presented is a representation of the strengths and qualities of making in the Midlands region today, shown through many forms of materials and processes. Shelanu visited this touring exhibition in March 2017, at the Parkside Gallery at Birmingham City University to see what is being made regionally and for inspiration in design and use of materials.

Shelanu members all enjoyed different aspects of the exhibition…

Kinneret thought the mix of work was functional and conceptual. She enjoyed the range of craft and seeing what is possible to create.

Ruth liked the range of materials used in Melanie Tomlinson’s work. Melanie uses metal and illustration to create narrative objects reflecting her passion for nature.

Yeelah found it interesting to see different perspectives on the world such as Zoë Hillyard’s work, which is inspired by earthquakes, human resilience and the importance of making to rebuilding communities. Yeelah also liked how the pieces looked soft, but they’re firm to touch.

Amy was inspired by Kay Williamson’s work. Amy has previously worked with elderly people, and liked Kay’s idea of collaborating with her granny. “Families aren’t passing the skills on now and they are being lost. I liked the idea of reversible jumpers, having more options with the same garment and admire all of the various knitting techniques and how Kay’s work is an antithesis to throwaway fashion.”

You can visit the exhibition blog for more information on Made in the Middle.

Craftspace also has an online exhibition celebrating 30 years of the Made in the Middle series.

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