Women’s Maker Movement Sharing Event

To celebrate International Women’s Day, participants of the Women’s Maker Movement Project, with support from Shelanu, displayed their final jewellery collections and encouraged members of the public to create their own beads at a sharing event at Adderley Children’s Centre.

The beads created from the sharing event will be used to create a larger jewellery piece, designed to reflect the range of cultures, heritages and diversities in Birmingham.

We asked the participants: why did you choose that design? Here are some of their responses:

“I love flowers. The colours I have chosen, I feel go well with each other”

“I chose yellow, it reminds me of sun and it’s bright. I chose green as it reminds me of nature and freshness. I chose blue colour, it reminds me of the sky and is limitless. “

“I chose the pink from spring season and the black colour mean the king colour in my country.”

“I like these colours and I want to give beautiful combination to my jewellery.”

“vibrant colour and star symbolise light!”

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