Shelanu: Women’s Craft Collective

Refugee and migrant women working with Craftspace to develop a sustainable craft social enterprise.

Shelanu – which means belonging to us – is a developing social enterprise, supported by Craftspace, of migrant and refugee women. They produce high quality craft objects inspired by their new home, the city of Birmingham and their experiences of migration.

“It’s a place to learn and try new skills, a place where I can feel connected and free to try new ideas and express my artistic side… It’s a positive way to contribute and find your place in a new place.”
Shelanu member

A range of activities help members to develop new skills (including craft, improving English and business skills), increase confidence, combat isolation, challenge preconceptions and support integration.
Activities include:
•    Running craft workshops for schools, adults, children and families.
•    Designing, making and selling jewellery and other products inspired by the theme of migration and Birmingham .
•    Public and private commissions.

Join Shelanu

Enjoy weekly sessions, learn new skills and make new friends.

Shelanu is a group of women who have all moved to Birmingham from around the world. They meet once or twice a week in Birmingham to do activities including jewellery making. They also run creative community workshops with many different groups and organisations.

Who can join?

Shelanu is a group for adult women living in Birmingham who have migrated here or are a refugee or asylum seeker.

You don’t need any experience or knowledge of craft to join just your energy and enthusiasm.

How much does it cost?

It is free to come along to the sessions. All equipment and materials are provided free of charge and there is also some financial support to cover travel expenses to get to the sessions. The money made from sales of their work goes back to Shelanu for training with artists, member’s travel, materials and running costs.

How to join

Shelanu is a developing craft social enterprise, supported by Craftspace.  If you are interested in coming along please phone Emma Daker on 0121 608 6668 or email [email protected]