Exhibition visit – Enamoured


An exhibition by the British Society of Enamellers.

Shelanu members visited the ‘Enamoured’ exhibition in December 2016 at Birmingham’s Assay Office to see contemporary enamel work. The visit helped them to gain an understanding of the range of techniques and possibilities of the material they use regularly. The exhibition showed work by contemporary enamellers from across the country including jewellery, ornaments and sculptural pieces.

Here’s what the Shelanu members thought of some of the pieces they saw:

Kinneret liked Pat Johnson’s bowls. The colours  matched perfectly; “I’ve never seen anything like it. I also liked Jill Leventon’s brooches; a different technique with metal and enamel, taking it to another place, making it very shiny.”

Yeelah also liked Jill Leventon’s brooches. The texture of gold was sparkly and elegant, but not overpowering. Yeelah also admired the work of Bethan Jones and Harriet St Leger.

Shereen liked Frances Loyen’s green & silver vase, because of the shape and colours.

Shelan liked the use of oxidised silver in Rebecca Blakeway’s silver and black brooch, and the stone like textures.

Amy loved the colours of Jean Wilkinson’s bowl, ” The colours within all the pieces attracted me, making me so happy. I’m amazed by the amount you can do with enamel.”

Kiki loved the colours and form of Jenny Edge’s candelabrum..

Ruth liked the colours, shapes and form of Harriet St Leger’s pink, gold and black jewellery.

For more information on the British Society of Enamellers, you can visit their website.

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