Shelanu at iSE’s City Drive

Last Friday we were really pleased to take part in iSE‘s City Drive week.

First we attended a Retail Therapy event led by Citizen Coaching, to discuss retail opportunities; the most cost effective and the potential of collaborative promotion of Birmingham social enterprises. It was an interesting discussion with representatives from Change Kitchen, Devenish Girl & Upcycle. It gave us ideas for how and where to sell our own ranges as well as reminding us of other ideas. At the end of the meeting we were treated to lovely tea & cake in the John Lewis cafe, next to the community space, which was great for more chatting & ideas sharing.

Then on Friday we were part of the Social Enterprise Festival in the very grand banqueting hall at Birmingham’s Council House.

We ran a stamp metal key ring workshop, where people shared their thoughts on social enterprise. We also had a stall with our Interlocking Stories, Migrating Birds & Birmingham souvenir range. We made great connections and got some lovely feedback.

It was lovely to be in the same space as 100 Other social enterprises and celebrate Birmingham’s new status as a social enterprise city. Well done iSE!

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